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Gold Bars

At ACE Gold, our commitment to excellence is exemplified in the unmatched quality of our gold bars. Each piece represents a seamless blend of tradition and technology, crafted to meet the highest standards of purity and design.

Purity: Our gold bars come in two primary purities: 995 and 9999. The purity level represents the gold content in every 1000 parts. Thus, a 9999 purity bar contains 99.99% gold, ensuring you receive the most refined product possible.

Sizes: Our diverse range caters to both the seasoned investor and the budding enthusiast. From 1 gram to 1 kilogram bars, we offer a variety of weights, allowing you to choose based on your investment needs and aesthetic preferences.

Authentication: Every gold bar from ACE Gold comes with a certified assay card, attesting to its weight, purity, and authenticity. This ensures that you always have the assurance of quality when investing with us.

Design: While the luminous appeal of gold is enchanting in its raw form, we also offer intricately designed bars for those who appreciate a touch of artistry. Each design, whether abstract or emblematic, is etched with precision, adding an element of uniqueness to your investment

Gold Coins

Our gold coins at ACE Gold are emblematic, not just of wealth but of history, artistry, and craftsmanship. Every coin tells a story, making them perfect for investors, collectors, and gift-givers alike.

Designs: From the regal portrayals of ancient emperors and iconic landmarks to the intricate patterns inspired by nature and art, our coin designs offer a diverse palette for every individual taste. Each coin serves as a memento, capturing moments and milestones from across eras and cultures.

Purity: Ensuring you receive nothing but the best, our gold coins are offered in purities of 995 and 9999. Each coin’s purity level stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence.

Sizes: Whether you’re looking for a subtle 1 gram coin or a grand 100 gram masterpiece, our range promises something for everyone. Our coins cater to varied preferences, allowing individuals to choose based on both investment aspirations and design admiration.

Special Edition Coins: At ACE Gold, we take pride in commemorating special events, anniversaries, and milestones. Our special edition coins, launched periodically, are both collectors’ delights and unique investment opportunities. These coins, often limited in quantity, encapsulate significant moments, making them invaluable additions to any collection.

TT Bars

ACE Gold is renowned for its fine selection of TT Bars, epitomizing both luxury and long-term value. For those unfamiliar, ‘TT’ typically stands for ‘ten tola’, a traditional unit of measure in some regions, especially in South Asia.

Purity: Our TT Bars are synonymous with purity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these bars predominantly come in a purity of 995, ensuring your investment is both robust and refined.

Weight: True to their name, each TT Bar weighs around 3.75 ounces or approximately 116.6 grams, making them a significant and weighty addition to any portfolio or collection.

Design: With a sleek and standardized design, our TT Bars are both contemporary and classic. Their lustrous finish and uniform shape make them a favorite among many.

Silver Kilobars

Experience a blend of value and versatility with ACE Gold’s Silver Kilobars. These lustrous bars, often sought by both investors and collectors, offer a tangible means to diversify one’s precious metal portfolio.

Purity: At ACE Gold, we understand that purity is paramount. Our Silver Kilobars boast a .999 fineness, ensuring that you receive a product of outstanding quality. Every kilobar is a testament to our commitment to the highest industry standards.

Weight: Each Silver Kilobar precisely weighs 1 kilogram, striking a balance between substantial weight and manageability. It’s a size favored by many for its significant heft without being overly cumbersome.

Design: Simplicity meets sophistication. Our Silver Kilobars feature a sleek design, with the ACE Gold logo stamped on the front, accompanied by the weight and purity markings. The reverse side remains smooth, showcasing silver’s natural shimmer.

Packaging: To ensure the integrity of your investment, each kilobar is packaged in a secure, tamper-evident casing. This not only protects the bar from potential damage but also provides assurance regarding its authenticity.

Investment Potential: Silver, often referred to as ‘the common man’s gold’, offers an affordable entry into the world of precious metals. With its myriad of industrial applications and historical monetary role, it remains a solid choice for many.

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